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Rila Köksal

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I have always believed that what we seek is inside of us. A treasure to be discovered by  listening our heart, love is the way to connect with our essence, holding the hand inside others, finding the road to our home, ascending together and sharing the path of growing.

My life has always been a search for the divine truth and a willing to find the garden of alchemy where all the prayers blossom. 

I have Born in 1981, Studied Philosophy, Theater , Filmmaking, practiced Meditation, Sufism, Kabbalah, Amazonian Shamanism, Native American Red Path and ethnic Archaic music. I have learnt many ancient rhythmic patterns played with Al Kindi Ensemble gave concerts all around the world with my frame drum. 

The Rhythms and the ancient tunes has opened a portal for me to tap into Music of Spheres.
During my travels in South America I met a lot of spiritual masters and learnt to work with the forces of Nature, self discovery and ancient healing techniques.


I worked with  voice healers, composers and therapists , released an album in Spain called Spreading the wings, Organized many women circles and healing ceremonies of Toltec, Quechua, Mapuche, Amazonian and Lakota medicine.

Collecting different prayers and power songs from all around ancient paths which leads to devotion became my way to create and share a common language of love through music and dances of universal peace with my sacred instruments .


My life path is dedicated to open spaces to inspire lovers to find their unique essence to use self expression to create a harmonious community and build a conscious evolution.

The Conference of Birds Gathering vision was a revelation to fulfill this purpose to unite the spiritual paths,practices and songs together in the sacred temple of the birds ...

cob logo 2022_beyaz.png

Studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering, earned his master’s degrees from Middle East Technical University and spent 20 years of his carrier working as Systems Engineer, Consultant, Program Manager and Regional Director on advanced military communication technology.


He met with Mindfulness Meditation concept based on Vipassana Tradition at 2010. After an intense practice period, he observed dramatically positive changes in his life. Until then he speared most of his time experiencing and working deeply on different kind of meditation techniques. He travelled many countries for this purpose. In time he started to share his experience with people around him and started to provide support and guidance for their meditation practices.

Had a strong intention to find ways to solve many common problems of urban living with the potential of mindfulness based meditation. At 2018 he finalized his professional carrier, turn back to Turkey and founded Acaryasati Meditation Academy. He is teaching meditation, designing specially crafted guided meditations and meditation programs.  He is very attracted to Sufizm and harmonizing Vipassana with Sufizm. He is also a Mindfulness Alliance certified meditation teacher.

Uygar Karadeniz


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