Bird Crew

Rila Köksal

-Meet The Hoopoe Bird of the soul-
I have always believed that what we seek is inside of us. A treasure to be discovered by  listening our heart, love is the way to connect with our essence, holding the hand inside others, finding the road to our home, ascending together and sharing the path of growing.
My life has always been a search for the divine truth and a willing to find the garden of alchemy where all the prayers blossom. 
I have Born in 1981, Studied Philosophy, Theater , Filmmaking, practiced Meditation, Sufism, Kabbalah, Amazonian Shamanism, Native American Red Path and ethnic Archaic music. 
I have learnt many ancient rhythmic patterns played with Al Kindi Ensemble gave concerts all around the world with my frame drum. 
The Rhythms and the ancient tunes has opened a portal for me to tap into Music of Spheres.
During my travels in South America I met a lot of spiritual masters and learnt to work with the forces of Nature, self discovery and ancient healing techniques. I worked with a Chilean voice healer,composer and therapist called Astrid Brinck, released an album in Spain called Spreading the wings, Organized many women circles and healing ceremonies of Toltec, Quechua, Mapuche, Amazonian and Lakota medicine.
Collecting different prayers and power songs from all around ancient paths which leads to devotion became my way to create and share a common language of love through music and dances of universal peace with my sacred instruments .
My love for children lead me to serve in many social voluntary projects such as  Spirituality for Kids in London, Social Circus For Children and wrote an alternative education thesis called Intelligence Aesthetics.
My life path is dedicated to open spaces to inspire lovers to find their unique essence to use self expression to create a harmonious community and build a conscious evolution.


Magical inspiration, always full of love and harmony above and below inside and outside.

Once upon a time, when a star dust was flying on the skies, it embodied a body in the ancient city Smyrna, Izmir. With his very first smile, his family called him Can -means life, soul, spirit and intention in Turkish.


Since then, he's been dancing & playing games for planetary peace, connection and unification. 


During his design education in Barcelona, he created Inphinity Design and tuned his direction to developing meditative sacred art. From studying Sacred Geometry and nature's harmonic language, Inphinity Design creating various meditative/decorative pieces, crafts, toys and games in order to tap into our inner guidance and wisdom.


Nowadays he turned his wheel to art therapy with co-creative workshops, decorating and designing sacred interiors, assisting and creating ceremony spaces.. and seeking next mystical adventure..


And most importantly, he's deeply excited to re-connect and unify with many radiant sparks at this amazing family gathering.


and rising to graceful flight with ALL,
Wings spread out... 


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Niko Dogu

Who is the golden bird of the new Era?


This one shares unconditional love, humble and a free expression like a flow of water, a real dreamer, freedom composer and a true collaborator.

Meet Niko Dogu

He was born in 1995 in Turkey.

Continuing his education in music at Bilgi University, Niko met Aquadrum in 2014 and continued to work with Deniz Güngör, who is the creator of Aquadrum and mastered this new instrument which sounds like water and played as a melodic percussion, creates meditational music. 


In addition his ethnic music studies he creates experimental electronic productions and  performs with different musicians such as Briken Aliu , produces sound journeys and creative collobrations.



Melis Tör

Born in a sunny day in June 1989, as a love child.


Since I was a child, unconsciously I always tried my best to stay in the love direction, to stay in love, to be love. When they asked, “how I see myself in the future?” I could only say that “I wanna do something with my hands”.

So I followed my heart, I painted, created, studied Sculpture.

With practising meditation and rituals, came the curiosity for nature, healing myself with/through nature and remembering that I am nature. I started to study herbs, the healing plants, smudging and started to get more aware by what I eat, drink, put on my skin, whom I connect, how to protect my energy, and these made me more connected with body, mind and spirit.

Through my journey on this earth, through my transformations, I started to believe the best education is through experience and the learning path never ends. 
Nowadays I’m in a stage that I bring all of my experiences together to give birth to what I’m craving. To art, creating ceremony spaces, decorating, designing, doing rituals, connecting and many more to discover.


So excited to unify with you birds at this beautiful family gathering 🙏🏻


Yasemin Yapanar
Uygar Karadeniz

Ever since I had the courage to get to know myself, the same question has always been on my mind: what can I do to bring people together in a way that will benefit them? The product of this passion was my first child, Kolektif House.


Now, I'm once again trying to create a community, the name of our new child being; Masiva. She's just been born very recently.  As I know that Conference of Birds is on the same path as my dreams, I support it with all my heart and energy. I can't wait to meet you all.

Meet the bird of loving kindness.


Studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering, earned his Bachelor's and Master’s degrees from Başkent University and Middle East Technical University. He spent 20 years of his carrier working as Systems Engineer, Consultant, Program Manager and Regional Director on advanced military communication technology.


He met with mindfulness based meditation concept at 2010. After an intense practice period, he observed dramatically positive changes in his life. Until then he speared most of his time experiencing and working deeply on different kind of meditation techniques. He travelled many countries for this purpose. In time he started to share his experience with people around him and started to provide support and guidance for their meditation practices.

Had a strong intention to find ways to solve many common problems of urban living with the potential of mindfulness based meditation. For this purpose, at 2018 he finalized his professional carrier, turn back to Turkey and founded acaryasati Meditation Academy. He is teaching meditation, designing specially crafted guided meditations and meditation programs. He is also a Mindfulness Alliance certified meditation teacher.


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Beni bu yolda destekleyen sevgili arkadaşım Kuşların yoldaşı kalbi ve dilinden, kaleminden renklerine kanatlanan 30 kuşun yaratıcı ressamı tatların,otların ve dostluğun simyacısı adı gibi

Deniz aşık 

7 Temmuz 1988 yılında doğdum. Hayatımın yarısını Ankara’da yarısını da İstanbul’da geçirdim. Marmara Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi’nde eğitim aldıktan sonra; renk, form ve estetikle olan yolculuğumu yemeğe taşımaya karar verdim. Aşçılık eğitimimi tamamladıktan sonra şehirde bir süre vakit geçirdikten sonra kendimi doğa ananın kollarına bıraktım. 

2 yıl önce şaşkın bir şekilde yol arkadaşım Rila’yla tanışıp yeniden doğdum. O gün bugün hep birlikte yeniden doğuşumu kutluyoruz. Simyamı doğada arıyor, aşkımı, sevgimi ve renklerimi nereye gidersem gideyim ekmekten vazgeçmiyorum. En yakın arkadaşlarım kuşlar ise ben nereye gidersem oraya geliyorlar... Uzun süren uçuşlardan sonra yaklaşık 4 ay önce Kaz Dağları’nda Simurg İnn’e konmaya karar verdim. Bir yandan kök salıyor ve bir yandan da tohumlarımı her yere serpiştiriyorum. Sevgiyle pişirip, aşkla insanlara sunuyor, uzun sofralarda bilginin ve ışığın bedenime akışıyla kanatlanmaya devam ediyorum.

Deniz Aşık