Meet the whirling bird at 7 dimensions...

Bita Afshar Moghadam was born at Khorasan city of Spirituality and Sufiism. Her grandfather, was one of dervish from this area ! And she got some Sufism path of him .

In the beginning she start work in theater by her sister and after she choose to working more specializes in physical theater and learning some courses with a number of master’s in the various fields of performance arts. She has traveled extensively throughout Iran and Asia for researching Sufiism local culture She also has lived among the native peoples in this field. support art and culture of Khorasan starred to research and study folk and ritual dances.

She has studied dances of Torbat-e Jam and the Turkeman Healing dances. She has set up her own dance work shop and participated in many festivals. Following her passion, she has seriously taken up classical Indian dance ( Bharatanatyam Dance) and teaches this alongside Sema and other movement performance arts.

Her passion and love to Sema, which dance was more deeper connected to our life-spirit she was coming to making more time for research and study in this field of Sufism path

she start at 18 years to teaching Sema and Introduction her technical dance most of her movement are in base of seven cities of love from Manteq at-Tair book( conference of the birds) by Farid al-Din Attar Neishabouri.

Presently she is improving this level of technic more by various movement .and now she has her own group of her students Which is its name is Bitan sufi dance their had different performance in a number of countries.

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