Can Baldan

Nature and music have been my greatest passions since childhood

I studied classical guitar from an early age.

After awakening to the sacred and feeling a deep and powerful call

I shed my engineering past and have been shedding karma ever since.

Everything in Creation has a sacred role and place in the fabric of Existence

My role is to create a space where the healing power of the Earth and Music are woven together.

Opening doors of rediscovery and rebirth for the ancient ceremonies of Unity of our Ancestors

and the sacred way of being in our lives.

Since 2009, the main pillar of my journey has been master plants of Anatolia

and I have learned through apprenticing to them.

My calling is specifically about rooting and becoming a sacred family in the local land of Anatolia.

I am a passionate believer of the spiritual and healing powers of the plant kindom

and my greatest pleasure is to connect people to the wisdom and harmony of Nature within and without.

I am on a humble journey of self healing and service to all that is.

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