Elif Özkoç

Healer, Medicine Woman, Artist. 

She is a graduate of Fine Art Academy, Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul.

in 1998 she moved to New York. 

in 2006, She  completed a 3 year program of the BlueStone Institute for Healing Arts, founded by a healer of Native American descent, 

George Kamana Hunter. 

This deep and intensive learning and remembering in BlueStone institute of Healing Arts, allowed her to get in touch and re-awaken her ancient wisdom  as a healer.

After 11 years of deep healing, letting go and remembering in NewYork, she returned to Istanbul in 2009.

In 2013 she met Patricia Whitebuffalo,  who combines her Shamanic tradition and her deep connection with the Earth , as a teacher, therapist, energy practitioner and musician to guide and heal others for personal and planetary transformation. 

Immediately upon her meeting,  Elif was invited to the  “Walking the Shaman’s Path”, a

Personal Transformational  Training Program by Patricia, as an apprentice.  After a unique and extensive 3-year training program specialising in the utilisation of Patricia's perceptive blend of Shamanic and hands-on-healing science techniques with the teachings of “The Wheel of Awakening,” her complete model for personal transformation and SELF realisation,  Elif became one of the teachers in the same program in France in 2015 and is still teaching in the same program. 

She is a pipe carrier, who is dancing with the Sun and a Dervish who is praying to unite within the heart of the hearts through sacred ways of life.

Her energy medicine is based on creating a sacred medicine wheel and healing rituals, by inviting and activating the spirit of the sacred directions, the sacred elements, animal spirits & spirit guides and becoming a clear channel for healing energy to come through.



"this is the moment, love is the way"

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