Faridah Bussemann

Who is the singing blue bird from heaven coming to conference of birds?

Faridah Busemann is a Sufi singer and songwriter. She studied classical singing on private basis in Freiburg. At age 19 she met a Sufi Scheich in England and started to follow his teachings until he died in 2014. About this time she also met Dr. Rahmi Oruc Güvenc, Scheich of several Sufi lineages and master of Oriental Music Therapy, who invited her to join his group Tümata and encouraged her to share her songs during Sema and on stage. Since then Faridah participated on international music events, such as Sufisoul Festival in Germany, Sufi Sutra India, Yogavidya Festival Germany, Woman Voices Essaouira and with Tümata in Turkey and other countries.

In her own words

“To me, singing is a prayer. Singing is breathing, singing is love, singing is connection. Only the illusion of being separated leads to an intention to gain supposed advantage on the back of others and at the expense of nature. When we are playing and singing together, we learn to listen to each other. We draw closer to the truth of Oneness. We feel the presence of the divine.”

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