Filiz Telek

Filiz is a circle host, process designer, poet/writer/visual storyteller, community organizer and a transition host whose purpose is to serve the transition of the humanity and the planet to the new paradigm by awakening a sense of possibility and sacred in human heart and soul. She is a devotee and emanation of Beauty in life, the beauty of the truth of what is; a pathfinder and a trailblazer.

On her own path of becoming an empowered and liberated woman for the new world, she shares her research and discoveries with other women in women circles and retreats, believing women together can awaken and move mountains with their feminine power. This path currently brings her to an intimate research about the healing power embedded in feminine sexuality. There is a deep longing in her to create sacred spaces for men and women to serve the healing of love.

Filiz is the caller and co-creator of “Women are Medicine” network, a (The Way of) Council carrier, a student of “Global Love School” at Tamera Ecovillage and a student of “Orphan Wisdom School” with Stephen Jenkinson.

She's been researching about grief work and hosting grief circles as a way to restore the vision of the heart and re-membering.

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