Mariana Root

Mariana Root’s solo concert is a trip to nature and its movement, its peacefulness and wilderness.

The Portuguese singer, brings a very strong link to her roots with the tradicional square drum of Portugal named Adufe, accompanying her ancestors melodies, weaved together with the sounds she recollected in her song research journeys.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Mariana in concert is surrounded by different percussions, chimes, guitar and the ronroco, a string instrument that invites the spirit of the water. With a very performatic presence, Mariana’s main instrument is the voice, bringing the listener to visit the landscapes she as crossed. There is always the improvisation factor present, as it gives the raw quality of the moment, which makes every concert a unique experience. “AGUA” is the last project of the composer,and it is an album dedicated to the Water, as a prayer and an offering for this element of life. To be released in April, it will be a great part of the sonority of Mariana’s solo tour for this year.

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