Ori Bankhalter

Ori Is one of the pioneers in conscience music in Israel, always changing and bringing the music that the now is asking for.

He was one of the creators and main editor(for 12 years) of the first alternative Israeli radio stations in Israel 106fm. Bringing message of music with heart and soul,. spreading all over love thru music. Now he has a very popular daily radio show call "olam katan"(small world) bringing lot of good music from the heartists all over the world. Keeping an high frequency for the tribe.

He is djing for almost 20 years, and started creating sacred spaced of music gathering.. treating the music as tool for conscience explorations, and high frequencies collaborations.. his spaces are the most deep journeys, taking the people as one into other dimensions.. He has a lot of passion to music and reveal new artists to the community. he is an inventor of styles and new way of treating playing music.

This is the link of his radioshow

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