Strong Wings Gökhan (Atış) & Yuuka Shimada🕊🕊

Yuuka and i, we have meet first time in 2012, in India. At the bays of Ganges River, at Rishikesh we played singing bowls, and sang the songs of heart. There we discovered that we are divinely matched to each other; we are meant to live and serve with sound healing together. Since then we have been travelling  to the earth chakra’s and ancient temples and held sound healing circles at those places for the people or for the lost souls of the time and lands.


Soul Gathering sound healing session is about 2 hours of continues flow of sound and energy. We are guided by Compassionate, loving, higher consciousness. This higher power use us as a mirror to reflect the stuck emotions, thoughts and true light of the attendents of the circle. Yin and yang, light and dark, pain and joy, emotion, mind and soul all are expressed in balance.

Free expression in an unjudgemental, loving circle is healing for all of us.

Attendents might meditate silently or chant & dance if they wish so or lay down, jump, lough or cry if they feel so. The circle is a family, who bares the difficulties together and embrace the joy and celebrate together.  2 hours of both personal and collective journey, allways ends at the loving light and celebration of holliness with no medicine other then intended sound.

Please feel free to bring your enstrument. Shaman drums, rattles, fludes or digeridoos are all welcome. Simple 2 stones to hit each other is just fine too…

We are feeling proud to serve you in The Conference of Birds.

Strong Wings Gökhan (Atış) & Yuuka ShimadaBorn in 1983 originally from Albenia his roots goes to gypsy tribes and shamans.

From 1997 he is making researchs and improving his ability to give birth to new instruments...

I can hear the whispers rhymes in tunes...

He makes many different kinds of music

And transmits healing and inner journeys through his music in several musical groups.

Improvisation is part of the rule of life it seems he really tune his sacred instrument to be in harmony with any...

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